Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Worlds in Motion blogs The Entrepreneur's Guide to SL

Thanks to CMP's virtual worlds blog, Worlds in Motion, for writing up The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life today, and for linking to this site. I really appreciate it.

Worlds in Motion is a cool site, devoted to online games and virtual worlds, and it's pretty well plugged in. Today alone, the site had stories on the tenth anniversary of Ultima Online; about the question of counterfeited branded items in Second Life and elsewhere; the decision by Chinese MMO publisher Shanda to freeze the accounts of male players who choose to express themselves by being female avatars; and about SceneCaster, an innovative company who visited me at CNET News.com last week to talk about their new 3D "scene" technology.

Meanwhile, it's been a good week for attention for my book, with articles referencing it in SmartMoney and Linux Insider, and a post on it on the OnRez blog.

It's really starting to pick up steam, and I'm very excited. I found out today that the book will actually begin hitting store shelves in late October, maybe as early as Oct. 22. But, of course, you don't need to wait that long. You can pre-order it right now.

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