Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congrats to Philip (Linden) Rosedale

This is off-topic, at least as far as entrepreneurship in SL goes, but I wanted to wish my heartfelt congratulations to Linden Lab CEO Philip (Linden) Rosedale for being named to Business Week's list of the "25 Most Influential People on the Web."

From the package:

"Long the subject of futuristic novels like Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, such virtual worlds as Second Life were generally viewed as entertainment vehicles once they were brought online. But Rosedale saw an opportunity to create a virtual economy where users-and advertisers who want to reach them-would spend real money....It's too soon to tell whether Second Life can make a meaningful bottom-line impact for companies like IBM, but the technology it popularized is already transforming how people communicate online and, in the future, may shape the look and feel of the Web."

Business Week, of course, has long been a Second Life supporter, having put Anshe Chung on the cover of the magazine all the way back in May, 2006. And, in fact, in addition to putting Rosedale on its list of important Web people, the publication also put Second Life on its short list of the most important virtual worlds.

But, as I've already written, it's nice to see a mainstream publication being willing to be optimistic about SL right now, even as some other publications have turned against it.

Either way, congrats to Philip, who I've known since 2003 and who never ceases to say things that remind me what a visionary he is.


Hostage said...
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Hostage said...

I just found out about your book and forthcoming talk in SL via the Onrez blog. I will most certainly be buying your work as it is an area of great interest to me. Best of luck with its launch. I trust it will be a great success.

Kind Regards

Hostage Ballinger

Daniel said...


Thanks so much for your nice comment. I appreciate it.

Daniel Terdiman