Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Residents Speak: The expert sources for the book

One of the regular features of this blog will be snippets of wisdom culled from the many, many hours of interviews I conducted in the course of researching and writing The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life.

These nuggets of expertise will, of course, be mixed in with original observations related to the latest developments in SL entrepreneurship, and all kinds of other things.

But before I get started with these, I wanted to let you know whose collective knowledge and help provided the basis for the book, and for whose help I will always be grateful.

To wit, the names--many of whom, you will see, are just about household names to anyone who knows about SL:

Alliez Mysterio, Adam Zauis, Nexus Nash, Dana Bergson, Sol Columbia, Laura Sachs, Sabrina Dent, Zee Linden, Hiro Pendragon, Moopf Murray, Twiddler Thereian, Munchflower Zauis, Hyasynth Tiramisu, Starley Thereian, Fallingwater Cellardoor, Jennyfur Peregrine, Professor Sadovnycha, Shiryu Musashi, Zabitan Assia, Chip Midnight, Kim Anubis, Neil Protagonist, Foolish Frost, Insky Jedburgh, Aimee Weber, Amethyst Rosencrans, Baccara Rhodes, Genevieve Hutchence, Nyteshade Vesperia, Stroker Serpentine, Giff Forsetti, Andrea Faulkner, Keiki Lemieux, Claudia Linden, Bambam Sachertorte, Francis Chung, Caroline Apollo, Wynx Whiplash, Trinity Cole, Katt Kongo, Ham Rambler, Jenna Fairplay, Deede Debs, Kelly Czarnecki, Nexeus Fatale, Kermitt Quick, Kaeman Demar, Aesop Thatch, Ming Chen, Anna Normandy, Cory Ondrejka, Qarl Linden, Sibley Verbeck and Jerry Paffendorf.

If it weren't for the generosity of these wonderful people, this project would never have gotten off the ground.

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dyerbrookME said...

...and Prokofy Neva, who spent hours and hours giving you an interview you asked for, for your book, inworld, explaining many things to you, and also hours talking to you in real life in May 2007.

Great working with you, Daniel!