Monday, October 1, 2007

Screwing up the names of people I talked to

During the writing of my book, I attempted to keep close track of all the folks I talked to, so that when the time came, I could properly thank them all.

The truth is, I'm not the most organized person in the world, and while I managed to thank most of them--both on this blog and in the acknowledgments section of the book itself--I have since discovered that I left a few people off, and spelled the name of at least one person--Giff Forseti--wrong.

Even being poorly organized, of course, is not a suitable excuse for leaving someone off the list who should have been on it, and so I want to apologize personally to those who didn't get listed but who should have been. The truth is, I couldn't have written this book without the help of every single person who generously gave me their time, and the error of not keeping perfect track of those who did is mine, and mine alone. The people whose names I forgot to mention are no less important than anyone else, and I would hate anyone to think otherwise.

Among the folks who were generous with their time who I stupidly neglected to thank are Spin Martin and Prokofy Neva, who has written a scathing post about the book--which isn't even out yet--and this blog and about me personally today.

I'm tempted to feel hurt that Prokofy has attacked me, even though he got a series of facts wrong or at least didn't understand the reasons behind some of the things he said about me and my project.

But then, I remembered what they say: Any publicity is good publicity. And particularly when it comes to Prokofy. You simply haven't arrived in the Second Life world until you've been the subject of one of his rants.


dyerbrookME said...


As I've noted, you and many others in the blogosphere hype the book before it is out yet, many in the echo chamber having already praised it without it being out, either. have to accept that it will be criticized before it's out, too.

I'm not aware of any "facts wrong". What you mean is that you take exception to my characterization of your office as "embedded with MOU". You might find that an exaggeration.'s important to draw attention to the relationship -- because as everyone knows in Second Life, whoever pays the tier and possesses the "ban/eject" button holds the power. You may not feel that this has any affect on your coverage of MOU. But your wife did/does work for MOU; you have many friends who served as sources from MOU. If anything, shouldn't Reuben Steiger get a thank you? Oh, well.

You can be sure I'll be giving your book a very close read when it comes out.

Eric Rice said...

No worries, man, glad to help! Hook me up with an autographed version and we're cool. ;)